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Turbo Charger

MAHLE turbochargers are manufactured according to strict standards on highprecision plants using innovative materials, technologies and methods. The turbochargers in older generations of vehicles also profit from the permanent innovation process in the form of ultra-modern design methods and measuring technologies, the result of many years of experience in the development and production of high-strength turbocharger components for OEM’s. This means that all MAHLE original turbochargers – irrespective of the year in which the relevant engine applications were built – are always state-of-the-art.

A turbocharger is designed and built to match the service life of the engine. However, the high-tech components in the exhaust gas system are exposed to several risk factors which could lead to their failure: for example from foreign bodies that penetrate the turbine, dirty oil, a faulty oil supply or excessively high exhaust gas temperatures. This makes the mechanic’s know-how all that more important. There follow some practical tips and tricks for an effective replacement.

A precondition for a successful repair is that the cause of the failure has been identified and eliminated – otherwise there is a risk that the new turbocharger will fail again after a short time.

Even the smallest of foreign bodies acts like a projectile at the enormously high speeds of the turbine and compressor wheels. The air filter therefore has to be replaced in every case. Just as important is the careful cleaning of the entire intake and fresh air system to and from the charge air cooler including the removal of all foreign bodies from the exhaust pipe.

The rotor shaft bearing needs engine oil.

TIP: pour a little engine oil into the oil inlet bore before installing the new turbocharger, place a clean cloth over this – and then distribute the oil in the bearings with a short blast from a compressed air gun (see illustrations). After installing the turbocharger and before connecting the oil supply, pour some more engine oil into the oil inlet bore. A small syringe with engine oil is enclosed with the MAHLE turbocharger sets of seals to make this work easier.